Berlin [G. Oppelt]
Since its foundation by Gerhard Oppelt in 1993 the ensemble Berlin Baroque has performed in many concerts in Berlin and beyond. In collaboration with the Monteverdi-Choir Berlin, the Berlin Figural Choir and other ensembles they have given many highly praised oratorio performances. Concert tours and invitations to festivals have taken the ensemble to the Handel Festival in Karlsruhe, the Czech Republic, Austria and Damascus/Syria. In collaboration with the Berliner Festspiele the ensemble performed Ariosti's "La fede ne'tradimenti" as a central part of the official programme accompanying the "Year of Prussia" (2001).
The size of the ensemble varies according to the music, but you will almost always find the opulent basso continuo made up of organ, harpsichord, chitarrone, Baroque bassoon, gamba and violone. Due to the rich overtone resonance of this group various further instruments are optimally integrated. The ensemble members perform either on original instruments from the 17th and 18th centuries or copies thereof. Gut strings, the different bow form and the authentic performance style make up the Baroque string sound which is so different from that of modern instruments.
By performing in original tuning the ensemble can directly convey the impact of so-called "good" and "bad" keys which were used at the time for effect. This gives the modern audience totally new insights into 17th and 18th century music and opens up a musical world whose innovation and tonal variation can only be fully developed and thus appreciated through the performance on period instruments and in an authentic style.