Berlin [Portrait G. Oppelt]
The conductor, harpsichordist and organist Gerhard Oppelt started his artistic career in Berlin in 1980 with the development of the "Kirchenmusikzentum Lindenkirche" (church music centre). He founded the Berliner Figuralchor (Berlin Figural Choir) out of the former Lindenkirche choir and the Berlin Girls Choir. With these combined choirs he has performed, among other works, all of J.S. Bach's oratorios, Britten's War Requiem and the Monteverdi Vespers. In 1992 he initiated the construction of an historical organ in the Italian style by Patrick Collon in Berlin. Since this time Mr Oppelt has further dedicated himself to historical performance practice. Founded by Gerhard Oppelt in 1993, the Monteverdi Choir and the ensemble Berlin Baroque are now not only an integral part of the Berlin Early music scene but also further afield.
As both soloist with, and conductor of these ensembles Mr Oppelt has performed in numerous European countries. Alongside his performing Gerhard Oppelt is also the director of the ‚Akademie fuer historische Auffuehrungspraxis'. The academy is dedicated to the musicological study and editing of works composed in the Berlin and Brandenburg area in the 17th century. Another important part of their work is the construction of harpsichords according to the designs of the Berlin harpsichord builder Mietke who worked during this period.